Tuesday, December 16, 2014

DC Comics Cancels 15 Comics This March 2015

Hey guys it is Ryanite50 here with some new DC comic news.  So today the new March 2015 Solicitation on all the new books coming out in March of next year.  Some of the books are good books but something surprised us with the solicits.  DC has canceled 15 comic books which some of them come as a shock.  Some of these books have been around since the beginning of the new 52 and some of the books just have came out and have only have had two issues.  The books that will be being cancelled will be:
     Batwomen (Issues 1-36)
      Swamp Thing (Issue 1-37)
      Worlds Finest (Issue 1-29)
       Futures End (Issue 1-31)
       Worlds End (Issue 1-10)
            Batman Eternal (Issue 1-52)
        Secret Origins (Issue 1-7)
       Trinity of Sin (Issue 1-14)
       Green Lantern Corp (Issue 1-37)
       Green Lantern New Guardians (Issue 1-36)
       Red Lanterns (Issue 1-36)    
       Aquaman And The Others (Issue 1-8)
       G.I. Zombie (Issue 1-4)
             Infinity Man (Issue 1-4)
       Arkham Manor (Issue 1-2)
        As you guys can see there are a lot of books being canceled some of these books such as swamp thing or green lantern corp, new guardians, red lanterns have been part of the new 52 since launch.  With this many books being canceled does this mean something is going wrong with the new 52 or does this mean that we will be getting A LOT of new books coming out soon?  People are thinking this is DC saying we are in trouble with the new 52 can this mean we will see the old DC universe back?

Assassin Creed 3 Review

Hey guys it is Ryanite50 here with another review this time I am reviewing Assassins Creed 3.  Before I keep going I have to tell you guys this review might have some spoilers I will do my best not  to spoil much but I will do my best to not spoil the entire story of the game.  Before I write anymore I just wanted to say I did not play the DLC for this game so this review will have nothing to do with the DLC just the main story to the game.
Another thing I have to say many people think that this is not the best assassins creed in the game some people like it some people hate it.  I loved it.  This might just be because this Assassins Creed game was what got me into this game.  I tried to play brotherhood liked it never finished it then played revelation did not get it as much but now I do after playing two and I think I might get it more once I play brotherhood again.  So in this game this is SPOILER the last game for Desmond Miles.  If you don’t know who Desmond is he is the main present day character in the assassins creed series.
I am going to get off topic but assassins creed is about a bar tender who is kidnapped by a company that has made a machine called the animus that lets you relive old memories from your relatives.  The first games assassin was set around Altair then in assassins creed 2, brotherhood, and Revelation the main assassin in the game was Ezio.  Desmond goes into the animus to relieve his ancestors memories so he can find ancient artifacts that can make any person change the world in a second.
So back to the main part of the game.  The game starts out with Desmond and the group tying to find the ancient ruins that they will go and hide from the enemy the templars.  Once hey find ancient ruins Desmond looks around and passes out and is put into the animus.
Believe it or not in the game the first few sequences in the game do not start with the main assassin it starts with the father of the main character Haythem Kennway.  Personally I liked his character but I still wish maybe instead of having if I remember correctly we played as him for about three or four sequences I think his story could have been just about two sequences most of the missions he was in had nothing to do with the story the only missions that had anything to do with the game was when Charles Lee becomes a Templar then the missions where Haythem meets Connors mom those are the only two things that should have been in the game to play for Haythem.
Once we got to play as Connor for awhile I was really enjoying the game.  The story was great when it came to Connors story.  His story was Connor made a death threat to Charles Lee because of the death of his mother so he spent most of his later adult life hunting down Templars, his father Haythem Kennway, and Charles Lee.
This game was really fun and look really great for a 2012 release and I personally think the graphics still hold up.  That has to be a great part of the game the graphics for an xbox game it looks just absolutely stunning.
One of the things I did not like about this game and a problem I have with all the assassins creed game since Ezio.  I wish he had more then one game.  Don’t get me wrong I liked the story and I feel like it all went together at the end and everything that you wanted to happen happened but I wish Connor’s Character would have been like Ezio where he had three games.  Thats why I think people are not big fans of the last three assassins (Connor, Edward, and Arno).  These three assassins are only supposed to have one game each.  I am not a fan of that even though the ending for Connor was great I have not gotten to played Unity yet and I am playing Black Flag right now so I don’t know if I will like the game/ending to these games yet.  My big flaw is just I wish he would have gotten another game maybe not three games like Ezio but maybe two games I would have been much happier and would definitely play the next game.
I think this game is a great game and even being two year old game I think it still looks great and the story was awesome.  If you have not played this game I would definitely recommend playing this game.  Thank you guys for reading make sure you guys check out my next post which will be a review for Assassins Creed II and see what I think of it.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Introduction to Ryanite50 Blog 2.0

Hey guys this is Ryanite50 here with my new blog.  If you follow me on youtube you might know that I used to have blog.  It ha been awhile since a posted their so I decided to start over and make a new blog site Ryanite50 2.0 (not in the website name just what I call it because this is the second blog that I have had with the name Ryanite50).  This site will be about news of pop culture, comics video games, and anything else I feel like posting on this site.  I think this is a new chapter for the me to start blogging and posting videos on youtube because sometimes I don’t have the time to make and edit videos so this will be my alternative.
I am not just going to post comic reviews.  I will also be posting video game reviews, movie reviews. I also will be doing what I started at the end of my last blog which was comic book news.  But I am also going to post stuff about video game news and movie news.  My goal is to post something once a day everyday so keep checking back to see the latest reviews and news on this blog.
So now that you know about what I am going to do on this blog I want you to get to know me.  I am a comic book reader and a video game/movie guy.  I am pretty well educated when it comes to all these topics.  I have been reading comic books since the forth grade so about 5 to 6 years I am a freshmen in high school right now so I am about right when it comes to how many years I have been reading comics.
So I hope you guys are as excited as I am to start giving you guys news and reviews on this blog.  I should be making a video soon on my youtube channel explaining where I have been and when I should start posting videos again so go to:
Thank you guys for reading make sure you guys go check out my youtube channel and also my Twitter at:
Thank you guys for reading and I will see you guys next time bye.