Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ressha Sentai ToQGer 6th Ranger Announced

        With the 38th Sentai series coming up (Ressha Sentai ToQGer) coming up very soon (February 16, 2014) we have gotten really good information on this series coming soon that has made me and a lot of the long time and new time Sentai fans very excited for this series.  But the first thing I thought of when they showed us the new changers for the series and mecha’s and all the new uniform designs for the series I and probably a lot of people were wondering, what color will the 6th ranger be and will there be a 6th ranger (the reason I say if is because in the first kind of train sentai series was GoGo V witch was not really one but they had train mecha’s and they never had a 6th ranger until the American series Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue).  Well we finally got are answer to that question.
         In the 2nd quarter toy catalog for the 38th sentai series has released new images on the new 6th ranger.  This sentai member is very interesting because of his color.  The new member’s color is Orange.  This will be the second time that we have ever had a orange ranger in a sentai (Battle Fever J Battle Cossack) and if this get adapted as a power rangers series here in America it will be the first time we have ever had an Orange ranger but if you count the time in S.P.D the fake orange ranger that was only in a dream then the second time but we basically have never gotten an orange ranger in the US.
         In the photo it shows the new changer ( the Appli Changer) for Toq 6.  His changer looks like an iPhone with one of those slide cases that have the key pad on it.  On the toy it shows it has four apps on it.  The apps are Call Button, Drill Ressha Button, Build Ressha button, and the transformation button.  The way he transforms he will push the transform button and then slide the keyboard open that will reveal a train track and then he will slide his Ressha (the Ressha is like the beast battery in Kyoryuger where you need it to to transform) over the track and then he will transform.
      On this photo you will see a picture of what he looks like his transformation device and his main weapon his sword the yudo braker and this weapon will come with the drill reshha.
        The next thing I want to talk about is the Mecha.  His mecha’s name it the diesel Ressha a train that is powered by diesel with two steam rollers.  These trains will combine together and make the Diesel-Oh.
So these are the new items for the newest ranger for the 38th Sentai.  Really cool looking items really like the idea of the changer it looks really nice and I think it is a very cool idea and the Mecha look awesome.  I feel like this is going to be a really cool character and hope this will be a cool series and once the first episode is subbed and I am able to watch it I will do a review of it.  So what do you think of this do you like the look of the newest ranger to the new sentai series Ressha Sentai ToQGer let me know in the comments bellow.  Thank you guys for reading make sure you guys go see my youtube channel at:
thank you guys for reading make sure you check back I am going to try and post a lot more often so thanks for reading!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Marvel's Superior Carnage Issue One Comic Review

Hey guys it is Ryanite50 here today with a review of Marvel's Superior Carnage Issue One.  Superior Carnage was written by Kevin Shinick and art was by Stephen Segovia.  This book is part of Superior Month and one thing is for sure I am very excited for this and there is a lot of books I am getting and a lot of books I am not getting.  This book was pretty good I liked the artwork and the story was pretty good as well.  It started out with a person that nobody knows because he is a guy who was arrested for some reason I don't think they mentioned it in the book.  He was a bystander when a lot of thing happened in the prison.  As this is going on the prison is getting to small for everybody to stay in so they made everybody go to another prison and when he gets moved to another prison he is placed in the same prison as Carnage.  Now lets go back in time one year ago there was a story line or event if you will called Minimum Carnage.  In this series Scarlet Spider and Flash Thompson Venom fought Carnage and then they won and Carnage was put in a special jail.  This guy was put in jail that Carnage was staying in.  There was a prison guard that was provoking this guy and poking him and then all the sudden he was being mind controlled by somebody and then opened the cells and Carnage got out and Spoiler Alert: Carnage killed him.
Soon we find out who the guy controlling the guard was no other then the Wizard.  As the Wizard lets a lot of people out he captures some guards witch two of them have a father son relationship.  The Wizard soon says his plan and then kills the dad and then the then the son and other guard.  See the Wizards plan is to control Carnage's mind and remake the Frightful Four.  Soon he let's Carnage into the room the Wizard was in and he try's to control his mind but the thing is Carnage has lost his mind so he cannot control him and then the Wizard get's the snot kicked into him and is on the verge of death and then all the sudden the Carnage symbiote is starting to come off you see Cletus Kasady under it all.  Then we figure out who saved the Wizard.  His second member of the Frightful Four and I think you should know who The Klaw and that is how this book ended.
This book was a really good read I felt like this was a good story and is going to be a good story I am going to see how this series goes in the next issue and i will most likely stay on this series so stay tuned for more the next review.  I will give this book a 4.5 out of 5 it was a very good first issue and I would really recommend this book to any Spider-Man fan or any Carnage fan out there and to long time comic readers it was a very enjoyable book and I thought it was a very good first issue and I am very excited for more Superior Carnage.  I also forgot to mention that this is a 6 part mini-series so I am most likely going to read the rest of this series so stay tuned for each part of this series.  So thank you guys for reading make sure you guys go check out my Youtube Channel for more reviews and more at:
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Marvel's New Inhuman's Series

Hey guys it is Ryanite50 here today talking about the new book coming from marvel Inhuman's written by Matt Fraction and art by Joe Madureira.  If you don't know Marvel did the Inhuman's tittle before with character's such as Black Bolt, Medusa, And The Wizard and many more.  This new title will have a few connections to these characters but it won't be just about them.  In this book it will be about how the infection will be spreading across the world and and they will need to find who is Inhuman.  Matt Fraction told (if you would like to read the article on go to this link  he says it will be like Hawkeye when it will be with 2 to 3 issue story's and in my opinion that is one of the reason Hawkeye is so awesome.  This series will also have the avengers and many other heroes on this series so that will be cool right.  To me this series seems like it is going to be a cool series but the only thing is they are giving me along time to think about if I should get this series because this series will be coming out in 2014.  To me this is kind of wired that they are already announcing that this series will be coming out and it is going to be along time before this series will come out so if you just got excited for this series you will have to wait who knows how long because I could not find a release date only that it is coming out in 2014 so yeah but one thing is I am excited for this series and I am going to try this series out when it comes out next year so I will make sure to do a review of this so stay tuned.  Thank you guys for reading make sure you guys go check out my youtube channel at :
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Top 5 Comic Books I Am Looking Forward To on (5/8/13)

Hey guys it is Ryanite50 here with my top 5 comic books I am looking forward to this week.  Surprisingly it turns out I only have 5 books this week for comic books.  I didn't get my books last week sadly because I wasn't able to go to my comic book store because I was busy so I still have a lot of books to read.  That is why I didn't have a Top 5 last week so today here are the only 5 books I am getting this week.

5. Avenger #11.  For some reason I am still reading this book because I kind of like it an don't.  FINALLY THIS BOOK IS GOING INTO A NEW STORY ARC!!!!!! (hopefully because every time with this book you think this new story arc but it really just goes back to the story that we just got out of).  I just am so happy that it is going in to a new story because this story wasn't so good and the reason i am still reading this book if you are thinking to yourself because it kind of sounds like I don't like the book the reason I read this book still is because I want to see if the new story is any good because I don't want to drop it and then later after this story I start picking it up.

4. Secret Avengers #4.  See this is one of the Marvel Now books that I like and don't like.  It goes back and forward.  I liked issue one issue two was OK and issue 3 was again OK   It is one of those books you like but if you don't like the character's you won't like the book.  But if you are a fan of Hawkeye, Black Widow, Agent Colsuon, Hulk (and also he is going to be introduced in this issue), witch is why I like this book a little more then most people because one thing is for sure Hawkeye is one my favorite character in the marvel universe so I think that is one of the reasons I like it but one thing is for sure if this book doesn't start picking up i will drop it but so far it is pretty good.

3. Avengers Assemble #15AU.  If you are not reading age of ultron don't pick up this book because this is a tie-in to age of ultron.  I want to read this book because there is no age of ultron this week and with this book it is one of those things were i want more info and there is no ultron this week so i want more to know about this series.  So I just hope we get more books to tell me more about this series so that is what I like an why i am excited to get more info.

2. Uncanny Avengers #8.  this avengers book is an awesome avengers book enough said it is one of the books that is the superior avengers book (pun intend with superior spider man).  this book is awesome so can't wait to see this book.

1. Justice Leauge of America #3.  I really want to see what this book goes this book is the first justice league book I have ever followed so it is really cool to see this.  I have always thought justice league books were so boring but this book was really cool.  Also this series is really cool so can't wait to see how this book goes.

So here you go guys Top 5 books of what i am looking forward to this week sorry if this was kind of bad writing and if i said the same thing two time sometime i am so tired it is one in the morning when i am writing this so yeah i am so tired so yeah thank you guys for reading stay tuned for more reviews and i will see you guys next time

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Top 5 Books I am looking forward to on April 24, 2013

Hey guys it is Ryanite50 here and today I am doing a new thing were every Tuesday I will be posting what books I am looking forward to tomorrow.

5. Scarlet Spider Issue 16.  The last story arc wasn't that good but with scarlet spider sometimes the one story arc is bad and the next is really good so hopefully this book will be really good and the cover looks really cool it is just the superior spider man issue 1 cover but scarlet spider kaine on it so I can't wait for that.

4. The Flash issue 19.  I honestly have no words to say why i am excited for this book because every time this book comes out i can't wait because flash is one of my favorite DC characters so i always love reading his books so and i haven't seen what is on the other side of that gate fold cover so i can't wait to see what it is.

3. Judge Dredd Year One Issue 2.  IDW's judge dredd has been killing it and i have loved it from issue one and i really liked issue one of this mini-series (i believe this is a mini-series) and i can't wait to see what Judge Dredd will bring us in this next issue but one thing is for sure I will be reviewing this on my youtube channel so on friday go check it out

2. Young Avengers Issue 4.  This book has been ok so far and we haven't seen Kate and Marvel Boy since issue 1 and on the cover it shows the two on the cover so i can't wait to see them FINALLY in this story.

1. Guardians of The Galaxy Issue 2.  Issue 1 was an amazing issue and so far i can't wait to see what will be going on with the team and what is going to happen to earth and with Brian Michael Bendis writing it i think the book will be really good and with all the good books he writes i can't wait to see what he will be bringing to the table for Guardians of The Galaxy.

so those are my top five books i am looking forward to tomorrow an expect a lot of reviews coming out this week but it might be a little hard to do these reviews because i am going to C2E2 2013 this Saturday so if you see me you can say hi if you want but i will try to get all the review up before Saturday but thank you guys for reading stay tuned for more reviews and i will see you guy next time.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Zoe Saldana Talked To Possibly Be Deadliest Women In The Universe Gamora

   August 1st, 2014 the newest franchise of marvel's movies Guardians Of The Galaxy will be coming out and shooting for this movie will start June.  So far they have only announced two actors that will be playing these characters Star Lord will be played by Chris Pratt and Drax The Destroyer will be played by Dave Bautista and the director will be James Gunn.  We just might have are Gamora.
   Zoe Saldana is in talks about being the deadliest women alive Gamora.  This isn't for sure yet but once this is possibly confirmed of confirmed to be fake I will let you know.  If you don't know who Zoe Saldana she is in the new star trek movie that will be coming out this summer as Uhura.  This is also not her first time be a comic book character.  She was also in the DC movie The losers as Aisha.  But one movie you may now her from and if you maybe want to see what she would look like with Blue skin she was in James Cameron's Avatar as Neytiri (just to let you know she has a lot of names in her movies that are hard to say).  Honestly I think she wouldn't be a bad Gamora actually I think she would be really good as her.  So what do you guys think of this news I think it is really going to be good and it make me excited to see Guardians Of The Galaxy.  Thank you guys for reading and I will see you guys next time.

Superior Carnage Announcement Day 2 Of Superior-Week

       If you remember awhile back there was a new carnage story line that was once called Maximum Carnage and a few months ago there was a story line that crossed with Scarlet Spider and Venom called Minimum Carnage.  The story was ok but the end of the story we saw Scarlet Spider Kaine stab Carnage in the chest and killed Kasady.  If you would like to hear more about that story line I reviewed all of the books in the Minimum Carnage story line on my youtube channel.  At the end we they left us off seeing Flash Thompson Venom checking on Carnage in his new cell/prison.  You then see Kasady in his straight jacket and you see for the first time Kasady not being him self.  Carnage is now one with Kasady witch means he is officially only using his body so now it is only Carnage.
        Marvel's own Sana Amanat reports that "This is a Carnage story that will send shivers down your back of anyone who read it". "What Kevin and Stephen have planned for this character is unlike any Carnage story that has come out before, and surely be one that will have fans demanding for more of when it is all said and done".
       This mini-series will be about the homicidal Carnage is starting to devolve and the prisoners in his prison will be trying to fix him but they don't know what they are getting into.  I see this story being kind of like Frankenstein.  Frankenstein will be Carnage and the creator will be The Wizard (which also he will be trying to fix Carnage int this story).  I think this will be really good for new readers and don't know much about Carnage.  This will be a five issue mini-series and I will most likely be getting this series but I don't know if I will be getting this in print or digitally.  Thank you guys for reading stay tuned Day 3 of Superior-Week and I will see you guys next time.